<h3 class='act_tit'>IRIS Smart Cities meeting in Gothenburg</h3>27-29 March IRIS Smart Cities meeting in Gothenburg Alec will be attending the project meeting   ♦ Tuesday, March 27 2018
<h3 class='act_tit'>Olomouc Film Festival, Czech Republic</h3>25-29 April Olomouc Film Festival, Czech Republic Arrange a meeting with Elmar on the international festival of science documentary films   ♦ Wednesday, April 25 2018
<h3 class='act_tit'>EU Green Week opening event, Utrecht</h3>21 May EU Green Week opening event, Utrecht Meet Alec in Utrecht   ♦ Monday, May 21 2018
<h3 class='act_tit'>EU Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels</h3>4-8 June EU Sustainable Energy Week, Brussels Meet Alec before or after a conference session.   ♦ Monday, June 4 2018