ESCI has been working together with its key staff and partners for many years on a variety of science communication endeavours, often through the following organisations: G.E.I.E., Belgium
This is a European research media centre and an ESCI sister organisation. The two founders of ESCI are also members of ESCI uses its impressive network of science journalists and decision makers in the broadcast world to disseminate articles to large web audiences and to distribute videos via European TV programmes.


iCONS  SARL, France
Located in the French region of Brittany, iCONS is a consultancy with a successful track record of working on European research framework programmes. It helps organisations set up and run European projects, and advises on European policy areas. More recently, iCONS has been heading the Dissemination and Communication Secretariats of a number of European demonstration projects.


Leonardo Film GmbH, Germany
This successful TV production company specialises in science documentaries for international audiences. In 2016 it was awarded the Grand Prix of Pariscience and received a Jackson Hole Science Media Award for its international coproduction - The Origami Code - about the maths and art behind paper folding.


Minerva Communications, UK
Minerva UK supports organisations across health, care and science research to build capacity, competence and confidence, delivering strategies that work. Our goal is to improve knowledge flow, create insights and share expertise, creating impact. As a business we address issues, causes and concerns which advance the social good – and that’s a passion shared by all members of the Minerva team.


Anaximandre, France
Anaximandre has dual expertise in the science and ICTs to accompany our customers in their scientific communications projects, and in the development and deployment of their software tools or information systems. Our goal is to be a privileged partner to companies working in life sciences, in digital and in ICT sectors.